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17th anniversary

19 May 2022

Our 17th anniversary day was on 7 May 2022.

Thank you all of your support and buying our anniversary kits.

All our anniversary kits are uploaded below online shop

A full picture_1000.JPG

A new year started

3 Feb 2022

The Lunar New Year is 2022 for the tiger, 

I wish you the best in the upcoming lunar year!


a Busy week

30 August 2021

I spent more than a week to record videos for 9 new kits.

It is really a challenging tasks for me ^^;

Even Sunday I have to work in my studio. Hoping those who

bought these kits enjoying the beading time!


Beads & Parts shopping

28 May 2021

^^ For several months of using this new homepage environment,

I get used to upload jobs. 

We are going to take pictures for our online Beads & Parts shop!

Caca 001.jpg

16th anniversary kits

8 May 2021 will be our 16th anniversary!

Thank you so much for your greatest support.

We will sell special anniversary kits from 10am on 8 May.

Please visit the latest kits update at:

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